Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 3 of "10 Days of Waiting"

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, And in His word I do hope. 
Psalm 130:5
Waiting and the word of God is a powerful combination in the kingdom of God.  His word is His main tool of communication to people. God by His Spirit "illuminates" the word in us. I like that word.  Blogger,follower of Jesus Christ and  Pastor Tim Challies writes "Revelation, inspiration and illumination are three critical concepts for Christians to understand. While most believers are at least vaguely familiar with the concepts surrounding revelation and inspiration, it seems far fewer understand illumination. It is important that we keep these concepts apart in our minds. We must not confuse them, for they are in no way synonymous."
"Illumination"  he writes "refers to God's work in the lives of believers to make us able to believe and understand the words of the Bible.  Many Christians confuse these (terms). When they suddenly come to understand a deep truth in Scripture, they may believe that God has spoken to them, seemingly indicating a type of revelation. What has happened, though, is that God has illumined their hearts to understand a truth from His word."Today we continue to experience the privilege of having the Holy Spirit work through us to bring light to the Scriptures."  Read the whole article HERE.
When you wait upon the LORD... do so with your Bible open.  It helps to have a consistant Bible reading plan and  maybe a notebook to write down the verses that Holy Spirit illuminates and speaks to you about.  It is amazing and it happen often as we WAIT on the LORD.  

So looking forward to Pentecost Sunday May 19th.  The disciples spent each day waiting for the promise of the father all those years ago.  Today book off some time and wait!

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