Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WOMAN's RETREAT March 23 & 24

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  1. Sorry to intrude on your blogpost. I was looking for your email and hoping you could find space to pass along this info in your bulletin but either I'm going snow blind from staring at my monitor all day or your addy is hard to spot. Feel free to delete this comment but please pass along the info, our presbytery thanks you...

    Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested in bidding on the
    the religious books and merchandise. You could also email out to your congregation or post on your paper and online bulletins.

    Lifelines Books closed it's doors last fall and we are helping to wrap up the
    businesses closure by liquidating all of their inventory. The inventory
    includes a large number of books dealing with various religious issues,
    abuse, aging, bibles and bible studies and also includes a great deal of church supplies as well as some great merchandise like angel pins, Jesus pencils and bookmarks. The liquidation is being run as a form of silent auction. Interested parties may see the rules and download bid forms in excel (.xls) or PDF formats from our website.

    Bids will be accepted by sending completed bids forms to
    until February 29 2012 and by mail for PDF forms postmarked February 27 2012
    or earlier.

    There are just less than 4000 items up for bidding and we will ship anywhere
    in North America so feel free to pass this along to any other people and organizations you think would be interested.

    Chris Muir
    Saskatoon, SK Canada