Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye 2011- Welcome 2012!

I trust the Lord was generous to you and your family this Christmas in many ways!  He is here!! Praise His name!

This was a quiet week in the office and since we did not have a CHRISTMAS DAY service, I thought I would send you all a short update about several things.

1)    NEW YEAR’S DAY… we WILL be having a morning worship service.  It begins at 11:00am (not at 10:30am for this SUNDAY only).  Please plan to come as we WORSHIP the LORD on New Year’s Day!  We will have time of fellowship following the service… so plan to stay and visit for a while.
2)   END of the year giving.  If you are still wanting to give a gift to the LORD (an offering) for the 2011 year, we will be accepting them in the office till the end of the work day on FRIDAY.  Some money has come in already but there is still time to get in your gift(s).  God has blessed LPC in a great way this year!  We were praying to break $3,000 for MAK giving and we are just short of that at this time. ALSO,  our goal for mission giving this year was $9,000.  We are sitting at just short of $7,000 today (over $2,000 short).  If the Lord would prompt you to give to missions that would be a blessing!  In 2010, we gave $8,900 to missions.
3)   Office hours:  The office will be closed MONDAY, January 2nd and will reopen on Tuesday for the rest of the week.  THANK YOU for blessing our staff so much over the Christmas season.  We all were overwhelmed at your generosity!
4)   All regular weekly ministries (including LifeLand)  will be postponed till the week of JANUARY 8th.  Then we will be back to full speed ahead.
5)   Christmas Memorial  Poinsettias.  THANK you to all who donated a Poinsettia in the name of a loved one.  I know I have taken some time to pause at each one and remember them who have passed on.  Please feel free to come by the office and take your flowers home.  THANK YOU for allowing us to use them this Christmas!  They looked beautiful.
6)   RE-KIND-DLE: 2012!  We are looking forward to a week of prayer, fasting and special ministry as we begin the New Year (starts January 8th)!  Please keep these dates protected and  in mind as we seek the LORD at the beginning of this year.
7)   THANK YOU to those who helped at the CHRISTMAS DAY DINNER.  What a beautiful gift to our community and area!  God BLESS you as you served SO faithfully on the CHRISTMAS DAY… you truly we like the WISE MEN who brought  gifts to the Christ Child.   Praise God for you!

THANK YOU for all you have done for the LORD in 2011.  It was a year of PROMISE for LPC!  We are waiting in expectation for what He has planned for us all in 2012!

To God be the glory!