Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW SONG Unchanging

Hello everyone...
We are going to sing this new song this Sunday... Have a listen and come prepared to help teach it to the family!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Next 10 Years!

I enjoyed the post today by Trevin Wax from his website (Kingdom People, Living on Earth as Citizens of Heaven).

Read what HE has to say and tell me what you think...

Ten years ago today, I (Trevin Wax) boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to Romania.

I was a bright-eyed (naïve) nineteen-year-old heading over to a third-world country. I had very little knowledge of the language. I had no ties with any missionary agency. I had no salary and no way to support myself, except to live off the savings I had accumulated during my year of work between high school and college. I had no close friends in Romania, only a handful of acquaintances. I had no idea when I would be returning to the U.S., only that my place of residence would be a Christian university campus.

Truth be told, I wasn’t scared. The situation didn’t frighten me. Yes, I dreaded the loneliness that would overwhelm me when I said goodbye to my parents. I dreaded the time that would pass before I could speak Romanian fluently. But my decision had been firm. God had led me to this place. No time to look back.

In my journal, I wrote about arriving in Oradea:

“The streets of Oradea were soon before us. The sky was sunny and the weather was lovely. The city was bustling with activity; the leaves just beginning to change colors and surrender from the trees. Looking over the city, I realized that this was now my new home. The excitement, anticipation, and wait of the past few months were for this moment – to be in the place where I belong… to serve.”

The excitement soon turned to sadness. After I said goodbye to my parents, I went to my dorm room and wept. What have I done? I remember thinking. I have left everything I’ve ever known. I have left everyone who loves me. I don’t know the language. I don’t know the culture. I don’t even know any people. And I’m supposed to minister here?

The tears flowed as I seriously questioned my calling. Even now, I choke up when I recall the emotions of that moment. And as I think of the ways God blessed the following five years of my life, I am overwhelmed. He gave me more opportunities to minister than I could have dreamed of. He gave me the ability to speak Romanian fluently within a few months. He gave me my precious wife. He blessed us with our first child.

When I flip through the journal I kept during the first year in Romania, I am embarrassed at my immaturity, my naive expectations and unbridled idealism. My disdain for my former self, however, is kept in check by the thought that ten years from now, I may entertain similar thoughts regarding where I’m at now! If anything, the journal reminds me that life is a journey.

The big story is about God. And this God is the One who calls us, who equips us, who goes before us, and then sends us off into the sunset of his plan, as heralds of his Son and the salvation he has brought to earth.

Thank you, Father, for calling me to Romania ten years ago. Thank you for sustaining me, strengthening me, and using me for your purposes. Please do the same in the next ten years, and grant me faith so that I will continue to follow you wherever you lead.


"Amen" - PK

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yesterday, though I did not say at the time, was a very important directional sermon for LPC.

Today, Monday, as I think and pray over the morning, I have a "release" in my heart that I have not had in a long time. I do not know where we (as a church family) are all going to go with this "great experiment" I just know that the way that CHURCH has been done for the last many years is not how the church will be done in the future and EVERYTHING is on the table.

You, as God's missionaries where you are, being led by His Spirit, walking by faith and taking risks for the gospel is what God is calling His church back to!! The Church organization will have a place but a it will be a different one than in the past. I also know that the pastor will also have different roles than they occupy now. I know that there no "maps" today that can lead a church in this direction or show them how to do this. Yet I know the Spirit is leading as He always has and this is His mission and His direction for you and for me.

YET... if the church (His called out people) do not go out by faith "not knowing where we are going", we will continue to see more and more people in our communities live this life without ever knowing the Lord. They will miss out on knowing the Love and forgiveness of Christ in this life and the next. I also believe that we will see less and less of our kids give and live their lives for the Gospel... as they see it as not being something important enough to give themselves to.

Friends...I want to Join God in His mission, as sent..." on mission" people and I want you, follower of Christ, to do so also. So.... if you feel a burning YES in your heart to this faith walking, great experiment as I, your pastor, do not sent a direction on HOW we are going to do this (I really do not know how it is going to look)... please talk to me... let us be in community and in relationship... and let's go!!

I know that this is where God is going and leading LPC... He is calling you to be His missionaries. As his missionary, where is He leading your heart? What is He burdening you for? How can I help you by training and whatever else to see your burdened fulfilled...Please let me know... I want us on Sunday to celebrate what God is doing and how he is leading you... so please contact me ok...

Acts 13:
So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off"

Now is it our turn..



Here is a new song from Hillsongs worship team that LifePoint will be learning one Sunday...

It is called Forever Reign...

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello everyone...
On Sunday AM we have been looking at the passage from John 10 for the last few weeks as Jesus talked about Shepard, Sheep, gates, thieves, hired men and robbers!

Here is a cool video about sheep! Amazing what can happen as Shepard's, Sheep dogs and sheep work well together... Does anyone see the spiritual significance?