Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update for Big Island Outreach for Wednesday

Jim made it home safely. He really enjoyed himself. We will continue to update the blog by talking to Rachel every night. This one should have been posted last night. I am a bit late.
The floor is nearly finished and ready for tile. Needs just a little leveling first. Got the natural gas hooked up the the furnaces. Framing in the basement is finished. Plumbers and electricians should be there Thursday. Had a kids programe in the afternoon with 32 kids showing up. Isn't that awesome. Two native women, who are in training to teach sunday school, helped with the children.
Rachel reported that they were having a severe thunderstorm and very heavy rains when she was on her way to the tent meeting. She said that she had never heard thunder that loud before.
Please pray that the weather for the rest of the week is good so that they can get as much done as possible. Unfortunately, they are a little short on supplies.
I will talk to Rachel again tonight at six thirty and post another report.
Sorry that I am late with this one.


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