Thursday, January 14, 2010

Take a min...

I was reading a website this morning and they posted this blog asking the reader to take a min and answer these questions. So I did and was blessed in the process... take a min and do the same...

Outside my window.... The beautiful frosty trees

I am thinking... about prayer and praying

I am thankful for... The people who serve so tirelessly here at work.

I am creating.... the upcoming annual meeting booklet. whewww

I am going.... to the hockey game tonight. I hope there is someone to sit with...

I am reading.... The book of common prayer Canada... lent to me by Janice Attfield. Much to think on. I am amazed at how much time and much effort people have put into bringing about strict regulations for churches to follow... wow

I am hoping..... the God will move mighty by his Spirit in His people in 2010 and that many will come to Christ

I am hearing... the sounds of children playing in LifeLand... what a great place for kids and parents to connect.

One of my favorite things... Walking with Rachelle in the mountains...

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  1. meghanbowman11:35 AM

    Amen! This is an awesome survey!