Thursday, January 03, 2008

1967- 2007

This past Monday evening marked the 40th year since the 1st service was held at the newly built Lanigan Pentecostal Church, December 31st, 1967.

We gathered this New Years Eve to mark this special occasion and to begin 10 months of celebration events that will have it accumination on THANKSGIVING Weekend 2008.

We also renamed the sanctuary that we currently meet in, the Denniss Chapel in honor of Alf and Florence Denniss as they were founding members of that 1967 meeting. They are still actively involved in the newly named LifePoint Church!

It was a special night of fellowship and worship of the Lord our God! Praise God for 40 years of ministry!

A new Logo for US!

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Kurtis Albers
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Thanks Kurt! Great work!