Monday, November 24, 2008

Tribute to Mr. Denniss

This week, we sadly bid farewell to our friend and brother Mr. Alf Denniss, or "Alf" as he appreciated being called. Alf was one of the sweetest men on earth- he was always ready to greet you, with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. His welcome never ended there either. He always asked about your family and friends- how work was going, and what your upcoming week held in store for you. He never forgot a name or a face. Any place that Alf stood was instantly made warmer and friendlier, just by his presence there.

Alf always made a point of going to church. He and Florence drove from their family farm, a 48 mile round trip, made twice each Sunday to attend services. It didn't matter if it was 40 below or 90 above, rain or blinding blizzard, he very seldom missed a Sunday church service. Even Alf's failing health didn't stop him from coming- as only two weeks ago we could see him sitting in the back row, singing along to the choruses and hymns.

Alf was committed also to his family. Florence and he were as close in the end as they were in the beginning, holding hands during the services and special assemblies for the church. He needed her and she needed him, and that was a wonderful example to every couple. He loved his children and grandchildren passionately- taking them in whenever they needed, seeing them through school and extra-curricular activities.

Alf was always so willing to take part in activities, joining in at church picnics in the bag races and tug-of-war. Grandson Peyton loved playing street hockey with Grandpa, as well as having grandpa join him in many other things.

He was quick to offer his hand in any project that was going on. He took part in the new expansion of the church, where his excellent carpentry skills came in very handy. His patrons at Country Cycle appreciated his willingness and capability to fix any bike problems- from the smallest to the biggest. He enjoyed talking to the children especially, as they came to him with their cycling troubles. There wasn't a kid Alf met that didn't like him.

I think we can all agree, however, that Alf's greatest love was the Lord God. This was always clearly demonstrated by his actions and his knowledge of the Bible. Alf served his church in many ways, praising God through his talents in musicianship, and leading others to Christ by aptly confirming his faith through the words of scripture.

It is difficult to lose a gift like Alf Denniss. But how wonderful it is to know that the treasures he left with us, will remain in our hearts and memories for the rest of our days- until we see him again in Heaven. Then, Alf, with a brisk walk and a firm handshake will say, "Welcome here! It is so good to see you!" God bless you brother Alf- we love you and we will miss you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You

On behalf of LifePoint Church, I want to thank all who helped to make the 40th anniversary weekend and dedication of the new building such a success. We hosted 5 events over the weekend. The first was Thursday’s community hymn sing (which we will do again soon). Thank you to our musicians (Jack, Brenda, Trevor and Andrew, Char and Rachelle) who played and sang so wonderfully. Friday night we saw over 175 young people from all over this region come together to celebrate. Thank you to all the youth and youth leaders who made the effort to come. THANK you to the many people from LPC who cooked pizza’s, cleaned, set up the stage (ETC). It was awesome! On Saturday we hosted our first ever fall supper. Thank you to all who came and supported the meal. THANK YOU to all who worked SO hard to make the food, cut the turkeys, served, cleaned (and cleaned) and decorated the dining hall. It looked and tasted AMAZING! On Saturday night we had a gospel concert with Canada’s Double Portion. Not only was the concert great but we had a wonderful opportunity to help the Jones family with a special offering. We saw over $3200.00 be given to help with Carson’s (age 4) battle with cancer. It was a great night!! Thank you for coming, giving and praying! Finally, thank you to all who made our Sunday services such a success. We loved Liz’s PowerPoint presentations of both the review of the last 40 years as well as building project. It was a great end to a great weekend. Thank you to so many who tirelessly worked and gave and served and cleaned. Thank you for coming and supporting us as we thank God for His great faithfulness to this church. We look forward to the next many years of ministry in Lanigan and to this Region that God has called us to. -Pastor Kevin Sawatsky

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I have taken some time to give an update as to what is going on here at LifePoint church. Wow what a time we have had! We have had a very busy summer working on the building project. In answer to MANY prayer for many years, phase two of the building project has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last three months! Our Mrs. Char writes " The people at LifePoint Church have continued to forge on with faith in the promise that God has a plan for each day, each person and place, each event, and each problem. To our delight, the Lord does continue to encourage and enlighten us with his miraculous helps toward this project- our new facility.

In May and June, the electrical for Phase two was nearly completed, which brought about the next step for building- insulation, vapor barrier, drywall and mud. A good portion of the insulation and vapor barrier was completed by one of our own, Mrs. Antypovich, who spent a great deal of time taking this project under her wing- along with the help of a few friends.

In June, word was received that a missions group from the Edmonton area, desired to purchase and install all the drywall as a gift to the Lord. WOW! They also wanted to try to mud and tape the building. The team arrived (7 in all) on July 26th and worked for two weeks, alongside members from our own congregation, as well as some friends from the community. Through hard work, determination and the promise that “each day is new”, the group managed to completely board the entire phase two expansion, as well as apply the tape and the first coat of mud. Praise the LORD!

The new kitchen is nearing completion with countertops and sinks being put in just recently. The children’s ministries area in the basement of the old facility has taken on a new look- due in part to the new concentrated effort LifePoint is putting into reach the many new young families in our community.

As we look to the future, we are excited and enthusiastic about what God has planned for us. At present, we are searching for help to complete the mudding in the new expansion so that the electrical can be completely finished. Following that, plans are being made for paint and flooring. Time is a factor now, as we are planning to have our first service in the new hall on September 21, 2008.

We are also looking forward to the 40th Anniversary Celebration being planned for Thanksgiving weekend, October 9-12. Many exciting events, activities and celebrations are being planned for that weekend, including Lifepoint’s first-ever ‘Fall Supper’! This meal is a ticketed event, and will see us serving up a full-course, Thanksgiving feast to all those who wish to attend! We are including our ad for this event. Please know that you are most welcome to join us! It is with a great deal of satisfaction that we look towards the future in our new facility. However, much work is still to be done!

It is with unwavering faith in God that we continue to “press on toward the goal”, knowing that He can make miracles happen! We rejoice and give Him praise for the many blessings He has put before us already. For friends and family- even strangers- who have come into the circle of this dream and helped make it happen. We continue to pray daily for His courage and wisdom to “stay in the race”.

Again, we thank each of you, our friends in this ministry, for your support May God richly, richly bless you as you continue to work and pray with us for the miracle of salvation for everyone!"


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something To Ponder

This is a quote from “The Externally Focused Church

“The church has a place in creating healthy, transformed communities. Churches don’t have the luxury of withdrawing from the community. Whether they feel wanted or not, churches must realize that the community cannot be healthy, and all that God wants it to be, without their active engagement and involvement in its life - that’s the way God designed it.” - Page 58

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Resurrection

Here’s the story as told by Eric S. Ritz in The Ritz Collection:

Dr. Carlyle Marney was one of the great preachers in the South during the time after the Second World War. He was a mentor and role model to many pastors. One of the stories attributed to the rich legacy he left behind took place on a seminary campus where he was invited to be the speaker for a distinguished lectureship. One of the students asked, "Dr. Marney let us hear you say a word or two about the meaning of the resurrection." It was a fair question and an appropriate one from a future preacher to one who was already a great practitioner of the art of preaching. However the young seminary students were taken aback by Marney's response. Dr. Marney replied, "I will not discuss that with people like you."

"Why not?" the students asked.

Marney said, "I do not discuss such matters with anyone under thirty years of age." Marney continued, "Look at you! Just look at you. You are in the prime of your life. Full of talent and energy. Very few if any of you have experienced poverty, failure, defeat, heartbreak or a brick wall that stops you dead in your tracks. So tell me, what can any of you know of a dark harsh world which only makes sense if Christ is raised from the dead?"


A Surprise Party

Here is a great story for you to think about today!


once there was a small lad whose mother, unknown to him, planned a surprise birthday party. After he got home, he went upstairs to his room. Then all his classmates and teachers gathered in the living room.
When his mother went to his room to get him, he was gone. He had climbed down a tree outside his window and was hiding in a nearby park. The rest of the children went on to enjoy a good time, but Johnny never turned up.
When he came in for supper his mother asked where he had been; he had missed a wonderful time, planned just for him. He tearfully confessed he had heard her call but hid until suppertime because he thought she had a chore for him to do!

How sad - for him and for us if we make the same mistake. There is a party being prepared. The guest list is all inclusive. No matter how many parties we have missed in this world, we don't have to miss out on this party. The One who throws this party is all loving, all gracious, all generous. We are invited even though there is nothing in this world we can do to repay our host. All that is asked is that we accept the invitation.
(Eric S. Ritz, The Ritz Collection)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

1967- 2007

This past Monday evening marked the 40th year since the 1st service was held at the newly built Lanigan Pentecostal Church, December 31st, 1967.

We gathered this New Years Eve to mark this special occasion and to begin 10 months of celebration events that will have it accumination on THANKSGIVING Weekend 2008.

We also renamed the sanctuary that we currently meet in, the Denniss Chapel in honor of Alf and Florence Denniss as they were founding members of that 1967 meeting. They are still actively involved in the newly named LifePoint Church!

It was a special night of fellowship and worship of the Lord our God! Praise God for 40 years of ministry!

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